Welcome to Sons Co. Ltd Y.O Amankwaah & Slide We Import Exotic Fruits Such as Apples, Plums,
Pears, Strawberry and Grapes
We source into
Ghana and other African
countries various varieties
of Apples
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Our Grapes are sourced
from number of countries thus
South africa, egypt, morrocco
spain, italy, chile ....
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we also export
mangoes out of Ghana
& cote d'ivoire
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Our Products

We source into Ghana, various varieties of; Apples, Grapes, Mangoes, Pears, Pineapples, and Plums.


We source into Ghana various varieties of apples namely: Golden Delicious Apples and the Red Apples.

80% of our Apples are Golden Delicious Apples and Red Apples make up 20% of our stock. The dominant varieties for the Ghana market are Cripps Pink, Cripps Red and Red Delicious.

Due to our immense experience and our strong partnerships with other major players in the fruit industry, we are able to outsource and contribute massively to the fruit chain of Ghana and Ivory Coast, all year round.


Our Grapes are sourced mainly from countries such as : South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Italy and Chile.

Red Globe Grapes is the preferred varieties and therefore the leading variety in our stock. It makes up 90%, while Crimson is 10%.


We also export Mangoes from Ghana and Ivory Coast (Cote D’ivoire).

We Export from Cote D’ivoire from March to end of April, then from Ghana from May to July during the peak season then from September to the end of October for the minor season.


Our Pears are not part of the stock throughout the year.

However, we import South African Pears from February to end of August. The preferred variety is the Packham Pears.


We export Pineapples from Ghana and/or Cote D’ivoire.

The varieties are MD2, Sugar Loaf and Smooth Cayene.


We import into Ghana Agelino Plums.

This is mostly sourced from South Africa, Italy and Spain.

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