Welcome to Sons Co. Ltd Y.O Amankwaah & Slide We Import Exotic Fruits Such as Apples, Plums,
Pears, Strawberry and Grapes
We source into
Ghana and other African
countries various varieties
of Apples
our products
Our Grapes are sourced
from number of countries thus
South africa, egypt, morrocco
spain, italy, chile ....
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we also export
mangoes out of Ghana
& cote d'ivoire
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About Us

Y.O. Amankwah & Sons Co Ltd deals in the export and import of fresh fruits. Our company was established in the year 2000, with Mr. Amankwaa as the CEO.

We started with the import of Apples and Grapes but currently, we are also into a wide range of exotic fruits such as Plums, Pears, Kiwi, oranges and many other fruits.

The export of pineapples and mangoes, grown in Ghana began in 2015. We work with a number of out growers, both local and foreign. We source nothing, but the best of fruits across the globe!

We also have quite a number of outlets from which distributions are made. While we pride ourselves with being the leading distribution hub in Ghana, quality and the happiness of our clients is our priority.

We want to become the main fruit hub, and the leaders of fresh fruit supply in West Africa.

Y.O. Amankwaa & Sons seeks to provide a top notch supplier-clientele partnership and services. We aim to achieve this mission by getting involved directly with our clients and partners, while providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge that are required to serve our common interests in the field of personal growth and economic development, and the gains of our industries, thereby pointing us to a team based development agenda.

Our Executives

Mr. Yaw Owusu-Amankwaa

Mr. Samuel Owusu-Amankwaa

Mr. Isaac Amankwaa Agyemang

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